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The Eagle Claw Pipe Assembly Tool is a dynamic PVC pipe tool that can help you assemble or disassemble CIPS, IPS and  Sewer pipe with ease. It is designed for optimum flexibility, therefore reducing the need for extra machinery and additional manpower.

Just like the eagle’s claw, the tool latches onto the pipe and fittings so  your crew can proceed with installing or removing the PVC pipe. The puller drops on to the PVC pipe in one precise and deliberate motion. There’s no need for cables and chains – The Eagle Claw Pipe Assembly Tool is 100% secured.


The Eagle Claw allows correct alignment when assembling the fitting to the spigot end of pipe.  It eliminates the need to hammer or otherwise try to assemble the fitting onto the pipe focibly.  Using up effective pipe length. Every overbelled joint will consume approximately 1 -  1.5" to 2" of pipe length. While seemingly insignificant, this can add up to 33 feet or more of pipe per mile.

Available for:
  • CIPS
  • IPS Pipe
  • Sewer Pipe
  • Spline Lock Pipe
  • Fittings (all types)
  • Bulldog® Gaskets
  • Electrical Conduit
How it works:

 Made by ProPipe Solutions

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